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Colombia - Frank Torres - Natural Process

Colombia - Frank Torres - Natural Process

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For those of you familiar with our repeat offerings, Frank is the brother of Yorgeny Torres. They share a large family farm and each oversee their own area.  Frank is a Q grader (a certification in coffee to assess quality), and continues pushes the quality of his coffee.  His farm is now 90% organic. 

This natural processed lot was grown at 1750-1850m above sea level. The cherries are measured for sweetness before harvest. Once harvested, they are fermented in tanks for 100-120 hours, then dried on raised beds for an additional 20 days.

We find lots of sweetness in the cup, lower acidity, and notes of pomelo, raspberry and oolong tea.  Fruity and sweet without the overbearing tannins. 

340g, 2lb, or 5 lb whole bean coffee.  

Light roast. 

**Grinding available for 340g bags only.**