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Colombia - Francy Castillo - Natural Process

Colombia - Francy Castillo - Natural Process

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This is the second season we are showcasing coffee from Nariño producer Francy Castillo. She is a agronomist who grew up working on her family's farm. After graduating in 2019, she began working at the FNC as a Field Assistant around her hometown of Arboleda, Nariño. She also gained experience in sensory development by working at a private export lab in Buesaco. Her deep experience allows her to produce incredible coffee that we're excited to share with you. 

Region: Arboleda, Nariño

Farm: Finca El Ubérrimo

Process: Natural. Fermented 7 days in bags, then 29-35 days on lined patios

Grown at 2148m.  Roasted light.  

Tasting notes: Caramel, rhubarb jam, and baked apple.

 340g, 2lb, or 5 lb whole bean coffee.  

**Grinding available for 340g bags only.**