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Costa Rica - San Juanillo - White Honey

Costa Rica - San Juanillo - White Honey

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The White Honey lot was fermented as a whole fruit overnight, depulped with around 20-30% of the fruit left on the seed, fermented in a water tank for 1 day, then dried on a mix of raised beds and patios, while being moved and turned numerous times a day to ensure good drying. We find the coffee this year to be really balanced and classy. Notes of white peach, vanilla, apple acidity, with a sweet finish.  

Finca V & G San Juanillo is located in the West Valley, at 1550 - 1650 m above sea level. The producers are Allan Vargas (an industrial engineer) and Tomas Gutierrez (an agronomist) who bought this 14 hectare farm in 2011. Their vision was to revamp established farm operation practices and introduce more evidence-based approaches to environmental stewardship. 

After the leaf rust crises of 2013, Tomas and Allan tested the H1 Centroamericano variety as a potential replacement for the Catura and Catuai plants that dominated their farm. They ended up replanting the entire farm with H1. This variety is a hybrid of two genetically distant breeds; T5296 Sarchimor and the Ethiopian landrace variety Rume Sudan. The resulting hybrid is high-yeilding and resistant to leaf rust. .
Our two lots from San Juanillo were processed in the White Honey and Red Honey styles. Honey Process coffees are partially pulped, leaving some fruit on the seed, then fermented and dried. The process uses up to 90% less water than conventional "Washed" proesses. 

 340g, 2 lb or 5 lb whole bean coffee.  

**Grinding available for 340g bags only.**